Trump Contradicts Himself over Dismissal of James Comey

President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that James Comey former FBI Directed was not dismissed due to his handling of the Russia probe.

In the tweet, the president referred to Comey as Slippery and the worst director of the FBI in history. Trump’s Wednesday Tweet directly contradicts his own comments on sacking of Comey.

Last year when Comey was fired, the president told NBC News then that he had “this Russia thing” in mind when he took the decision to sack Comey. Also, one of the initial reasons given by the White House for Comey firing last May was a recommendation given by Rod Rosenstein Deputy AG. Rosenstein had given a harsh criticism of the way Comey handled the probe of Hilary Clinton’s use of a private computer server during her years as secretary of state.

However, Comey has been reported as saying that he does not know why Trump dismissed him, adding that his firing has something to do with the Russia and Clinton investigations.

In a related development, Comey has reportedly said that there are certain aspects of the probe into the Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections that the public is yet to know about.

James Comey was a guest of Stephen Colbert on “the Late Show”, and he said during the show that his new book will not include certain things because they are regarded as classified.

When asked by Stephen Colbert if there are some things regarding the Russia probe that he is aware of that has not yet become public knowledge, Comey responded in the affirmative. His host then asked Comey to tell him what those things are but Comey declined to say, adding that they are also not in his book.

“I had to get the FBI to review my book to ensure it does not contain sensitive or classified investigative information”, Comey told his host.

FBI Has Seized Taped Conversations Between Michael Cohen And Stormy Daniel’s Former Attorney

A CNN news report says that Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen secretly taped telephone conversations he had with Keith Davidson Stormy Daniel’s former attorney and those recordings has been seized by the FBI. Federal Investigators seized the recordings when they raided Cohen’s offices as well as other places earlier this week. The warrant for the raid was based on allegations of campaign-finance infringements and bank fraud.

Davidson was once the attorney for both Karen McDougal Playboy model and adult movie star Stormy Daniels whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

The seized recordings can help federal investigators learn more regarding what actually occurred between Stormy Daniels and President Trump. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen is being investigated for the part he played in the attempt to cover up the alleged affair via a hush deal with Stormy Daniels.

Michael Cohen has consistently denied doing any wrong, however there is no doubt that he will come under heavy pressure due to the intensity of the investigation by the FBI. Cohen is arguably the closest member of Trump’s inner circle. If he chooses to cooperate with federal investigators, then what he can reveal about Trump’s activities could cause serious issues for the president, even as Robert Mueller special counsel carries on with is inquiry.

Meanwhile, attorney Davidson has revealed that he was not aware of any recordings. The attorney’s spokesman Dave Wedge told reporters: “Attorney Davidson never gave his consent for any recordings of the discussions he had with Cohen. If those recordings actually exist, Davidson is prepared to pursue all his rights.”

Investigators would be eager to have an independent method of confirming what actually transpired between Michael Cohen and Attorney Davidson.

Aside from the Davidson recordings, federal investigators may have seized other telephone conversation recordings when they raided the offices of Cohen. A CNN source said that Cohen typically taped telephone discussions he had with people during the presidential campaigns of 2016 and these recordings might also have been seized by the FBI when they raided his hotel room and other locations.